Paid Inclusion

[vc_row][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_column_text]Some search engines and directories offer paid inclusion as a way to get your web pages included quickly into their database of web pages. Although your web pages may get indexed by these same search engines and also included in these directories, paying for the service guarantees (with one exception) that your web pages get included quickly into the index of the search engine and directories.

Paid inclusion is the process of paying a search engine such as Yahoo to index pages from your website, and guarantee inclusion of those pages in their organic results.

Using paid inclusion you can get your web pages indexed as quickly as 48 hours in some cases while using only natural search spidering may take as long as a few months.

Paid inclusion offer some benefits as follows:

  • Rapid Inclusion
  • Guaranteed inclusion for a subscription period
  • Regular refreshes of website content
  • Detailed click and traffic reporting
  • Increase in search engine ranking

Advantages of Paid Inclusion:

  • Content management or database driven sites with search-unfriendly architecture.
  • Sites with rapidly changing or seasonal content.
  • Ecommerce sites with moderate to frequent inventory turnover.
  • Brands needing rapid response to negative feedback or events.
  • Any site seeking rapid organic area placement.
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