SCM Solutions

[vc_row][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_column_text]scmSoftlink Infotech provides robust Supply Chain Management (SCM) solutions with advanced features & benefits which help organizations in generating tremendous value through a more adaptive supply chain network thus reducing inventory and increasing service quality. With competition growing by the day, cost reduction in business operations and yet making available various products to customers, as per their requirement, come into sharp focus.
Maintaining a flawless supply chain across all its operations thus becomes absolutely necessary for any business.   SCM includes Managing Business process, information flow, information processing and closing the loop between raw materials and finish goods.
Importance of supply chain management need not be over emphasized as it has become the cutting edge of business, after product quality and manufacturing capabilities of any business firm.


SCM includes:

  •          Sales and Operations planning
  •          Manufacturing Operations
  •          Supply Network Collaboration
  •          Advanced Planner & Optimizer
  •          Transportation Management


Main benefits of SCM:

  •          Lower your Inventory Investment
  •          Lower Operating Cost
  •          Increase profitability and productivity
  •          Distribution planning
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